Article Writing

Tips for writing an effective article

Tip: 01: Heading

  • The first letter of every word (capital)
  • Eye-catching
  • Should give a crisp idea of the theme

Tip: 02: Byline

  • Essential
  • Name of the write

Tip: 03: The opening of an article

  • Catch attention
  • Create interest
  • Clear precise
  • Planned

Tip: 04: Develop the content

  • You can use
    • Facts
    • Example
    • Logical agreement

Tip: 05: Compare and contrast technique

  • Giving the point of views examples
  •  To justify your viewpoint

Tip: 06: Conclude

  • Conclusion
    • Summing up your view
    • offer suggestion or solution

Tip: 07: Don’t be too descriptive about irrelevant

Tip: 08: Follow the format and also word limit (if given)


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