How to write a professional email for your business.

I’m hoping everyone is good And with us. And hopefully, stay with EduTecBD. Let’s start working without talking. Those who work online, especially those who work on e-commerce and website need to be emailed. So let’s see how we can write a professional email.

About 2.4 million emails are received each day. Although very few emails among these emails are professional. Most emails do not have subject lines, mistakes in spelling, typing mistakes, and many problems due to email loses its professionalism. As a result, in many cases the recipient of the email does not read your emails and sometimes delete it. In today’s article, I will talk about how to write a professional email.

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Select your audience

should not send the same email to everyone. That’s why you have an idea about your audience. Suppose you want to send email to certain people to increase your website traffic. Now your main goal is to increase traffic because you only need to send email to those who are interested in entering your website. If the content of your website is related to technology, you should only send email to those who are interested in technology.


Similarly if your website is an e-commerce shop, then you should only send mail to those who are interested in buying goods from your e-commerce shop. Never send an email to anyone or send an email that you can not reply to ‘yes index’ when facing any query. If you send an email to the right people, the potential for your email success can increase by 20 percent.

Pick the right email address of the customer. When you ready to send email

you collect emails, you have collected some emails that are not really the right customer’s email. It may be that the email is wrong or that the e-mail subscriber uses only for official purposes. Support email or official email or webmail should not be sent and written down. Because it does not reach the right customers for most of the time filtering. (

So, before reaching the right customer, we have to be careful whether we actually get the right email address. If you can not find the right e-mail address, then sending email will be completely foolhardy. There are many software and websites where you can easily find emails.

Divide your section and write your email.

We do not have to be creative only email. If we describe the condition of the whole email at the time of writing the email, then the customer will not understand anything. Therefore, for the convenience of the customer, e-mail must be edited by section. Keep an eye on the email, you must win the customer’s mind at the beginning of the email. That means if you can not analyze the customer’s requirements within the first few lines of email, then the customer will not be able to read your email.


After this section you have to choose the customer’s questions. That means if the subscriber is interested in the first section of your email, he would like to ask you some questions. If you can describe these questions in the form of points in the bottom of the email, then the customer will be able to send you a return email very easily for the benefit of the customer. Which will make the customer interested in this.

Choose the right and appropriate email templates

Many people send e-mails by creating their own customized email templates. But there are some special templates that allow you to easily send and receive e-mails. Some such emails are called cold templates. To reach your customer, you have to follow the different rules and make different discounts and offers, and you must weaken the psychological customer.

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Maintain a specific time of sending multiple emails.

If you have been emailed with your customer several times, then try to email the customer at the same time. That means if the first email is done at 10am, then try the next email at the same time, ie ten in the morning. Likewise, you will try to send all the e-mails that will be sent to the subscriber in the morning. This will help you to understand the timing of time that will weaken the psychological condition of the customer.


Do not forget to add buttons and links to the email

customer, but it may be that the subscriber is not so eager to talk via email. Customer may be interested in talking to you either Linkedin or Facebook or directly. That’s why every time after every email, your Facebook ID link, LinkedIn ID link will be added to the button size. This will help the customer to know more about you.

The appropriate subject must be used.

Many emails have been sent directly without the subject. In this case, besides the beauty of email, professionalism is also damaged. And so, try to add the subject to the appropriate and the main points of the email. To create a subject, look out for some special points,

1. Never use ‘Re:’ or ‘Fwd:’ in your first email subject. You can use these to send more than two emails to the same customer.

2. Never should the question be added to the subject.

3. The number or month name can be used in the subject.

4. Never use the amazing symbol in the subject.

5. While writing a subject, you can write an article title like writing an article.

6. Never use ‘Hi’, ‘Hello’, ‘Bye’ etc. in the subject.

7. The maximum 5 words in the subject should be used.


In writing e-mail you can write any formatting and design. But after writing the email it will be found in an important work.

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