Today I talk. about PHP Programing Hopefully, you will be with EduTecBD. So let’s start by saying nothing basically. A PHP developer mainly provides security of software, website and network system related to PHP or PHP’s organization. It is possible to build a career as a php developer in different sectors of IT and cyber security. Let’s know today, how can you build a career as a PHP developer.


What do PHP developers do?

In the organization or corporation, the work of a PHP developer is different. However, the work that most PHP developers have to do in most organizations is,

1. Providing security through PHP in different systems, software, websites and networks.

2. Protecting websites and networks from unauthorized access, modification and destruction phase.

3. Support and configure various types of security and web applications and tools (such as firewall, antivirus, patch management system, etc.).

4. Protecting the control structures, resources and access preferences of various websites.

5. Check website and network vulnerabilities, risk analyzes and security assessments.

6. Create reports of various software, website and network abilities and vibration reports.

7. Monitoring the security administration routine.

8. Develop and update Business Continuity and Djestrere Recovery Protocol.

9. Discuss the Security Protocol, Procedure and Security Consciousness in Conference and Training of Different Websites.

10. Design and manage website audits for operational websites and security threads.

11. Prepare for a security attack on various websites and postal attacks.

12. Research the website’s security upgrade.

13. Develop various system-specific website security software and hardware.

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What can be the career of a PHP developer?

A PHP developer’s career starts from the entry level, which gradually reaches the Executive Level. At the entry level, a PHP developer starts a career as a system administrator, security administrator, website developer or network administrator. After the entry level, a senior developer at the senior level, IT Project Manager, Security Manager, Security Consultant, Web App Developer or Security Architect.

After the entry-level and the senior level, he is a computer security expert, Chief Information Security Officer or Security Director at the latest step, ie Executive Level. A PHP developer can also serve as a network security specialist, information security specialist or IT security specialist in several corporations.

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To build a career as a PHP developer, the ones to be proficient are:

1 Must have proficiency in testing about IDs, IPs, penitrations and vulnerabilities.

2. To know about TCP / IP, computer networking, routing and switching.

3. Must be skilled on DLP, antivirus and anti-malware.

4. Know about the firewall, the intrusion detection system and the prevailing protocol.

5. To be fully skilled about modeling security coding, ethical hacking and threads.

6. Must have great expertise in Windows, Unix, Linux (different distro) and Mac OS.

7. ISO 27001/27002, should be proficient on ITIL and COBIT Framework.

8. To know about PCI, Hippa, NIST, GLBA and SOX Complain Assessment.

8. Must have proficiency in C, C plus plus, Java, PHP, Python, JavaScript, Web programming languages ​​(eg, HTML, CSS etc.), scripting language and shell programming language.

9. To know about the Security Information and Event Management System.

10. Know about the use of software like load balancers, proxy servers and packet shaper.

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In addition to the above capabilities, a PHP developer should have some common skills. Those are,

1. Must have the ability to motivate yourself and think in detail about various problems.

2. Must have experience working with teammates with other security specialists.

3. Have the ability to communicate in technical and non-technical language.

4. Must have skills to solve various problems and to critically analyze.

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What kind of educational qualifications should a developer of PHP?

Prior to joining the entry level as a PHP developer, you must earn 2 to 4 years of course or undergraduate degree in computer science, networking, cyber security, electrical and electronics engineering or telecommunication engineering.

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What kind of work experience should a php developer have?

Before joining the entry level as a PHP developer, you will have to experience at least 2 to 4 years of experience on computer engineering, software development, networking or IT security analysis.

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How much salary of a PHP developer ?

A PHP developer’s pay scale can be of two types. An entry-level PHP developer’s annual salary can be from 50 lakh taka to a maximum of 90 lakh taka. Apart from the entry level, a web and app developer’s annual salary can be from minimum 30 lakh to a maximum of Tk 60 lakh.

Carrier builds as a PHP developer will make it a lot easier for you, if you can get several certificates on computer or IT security. At present, the certification courses on computer or IT security are of much importance, these are

1. EC Council Network Security Administrator (ENSA)

2. Cisco Certified Network Associate Routing and Switching (CCNA)

3. Certified Information Security Manager (CISM)

4. Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP)

5. Comp TIAS Popular Base Level Security Certification (Security Plus).

6. Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH).

7. GIAC Security Certification (GSEC, GCIH, GCIAA)

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