15th NTRCA Teacher Registration Circular 2018

Teacher Registration

Fifteenth Teacher Registration Examination, 2018, the application form is being invited from candidates who are willing to participate in fifteen teacher registration exams conducted by the Private Teacher Registration and Certification Authority (NTRCA) for registration and certification of candidates who are interested in becoming a teacher in the private educational institutions of the country.

In this examination, candidates will be taken to the preliminary test in the first phase. Candidates who pass the preliminary test will be given the written test in the second step. The candidates who passed the written exam in the next step will be given oral exams.

Registration Examination Application:

A. Candidates willing to participate in this examination must apply in the form given on the http://ntrca.teletalk.com.bd website.

B. Candidates willing to participate in the registration examination will have to fill the online application in the manner mentioned in paragraph 4 of this circular.

C. This notice can be found on www.ntrca.gov.bd and http://ntrca.teletalk.com.bd website.

Online submission of the application and the date and time of submission of the examination fee are as follows:

A. Online submission of application and submission fee: Date and time of the submission: 05 December 2018 at 3:00 pm

B. Online submission deadline and the date of submission of application: 26 December 2013 till 6:00 pm.

At the time of application, the candidates will not be required to send the hard copy of the prescribed certificates in paragraph 10. Candidates who have passed the preliminary test will send hardcopy to the guidelines given in paragraph 10 above. Candidates who passed the written test in accordance with the paragraphs mentioned in paragraph 10
Obviously, the time for oral examination is to be displayed.


A. Only on December 26, 018, at 6:00 pm, the candidates who have received the User ID are in the next 72 hours (ie Dated December 29, 2018, till 6:00 PM) via SMS (following the instructions of paragraph 5 of the notice) fee submission give you.

B. Keeping a reasonable time without waiting for the last date and time, the candidate will be asked to manually online. It is advisable to complete the application and complete the submission.


How to fill up the online application form:

A. According to the educational qualification, the candidates who wish to apply for the post will enter the website and select the radio button of the post by applying
Open the form.

B. Candidate can sign his signature (length 300x width 80) pixel and colored picture (length 300 x width 300) pixel scan in online application Place in the specified place.

C. Candidates, who have passed the preliminary, written, oral exams and all other programs filled with the online application form
The certificate will be used for payment, so the applicants will be 100 percent sure about the accuracy of all the information that was filled before submitting the application online. Regarding the accuracy of all information, the candidates will be 100 percent assured themselves. After submitting the application, no information is relevant. The applicant can not apply if the candidate does not have any educational qualification for the position mentioned in the notification.

If a candidate claims his degree from abroad to be equivalent to any educational qualification described in the paragraph, he/she should present the interview of the Equivalency Certificate given by the relevant Equality Committee on an oral examination during the interview. Otherwise oral examination
Will not be taken.

E. Candidate will save the printed application print on online. After passing the preliminary and written examination, the online application form Display a copy of the print certificate and the certificate of the 10th paragraph at the time of oral examination. Also during the exam online
Candidates can print a printed copy of the application personally so that the candidate can demonstrate the need to determine the accuracy.

F. Candidates, who are willing to apply for participation in the examination, are required to register for the examination subject to the subject/subjects referred to in the notification.
Set an optional topic and mention it in the online application form.

G. Candidate’s own name, father’s name and mother’s name SSC or equivalent certificate, as mentioned in the online application form Fill in the same way. All applications related to the examination will be done in the online application form given to the candidate’s mobile phone number.
It is advisable to be consistent in keeping pace with continuous follow-up, SMS reading and follow-up instructions.


How to Pay Fee:

A. SMS Transmission and Test Fee Payment:
Apply Online Application Form and submit the candidate’s picture and signature according to the instructions and after submitting the application, you can see the application preview with the computer. If the application is submitted accurately, the candidate will receive a User ID, photograph and an applicant’s copy signed. That said Apply or save the applicant’s Copy Candidate. Candidate using the User ID given in the applicant’s copy will be able to submit the application in the following manner by sending 02 (two) SMS through any Teletalk pre-paid mobile number and submit the application fee of 350 / – (three hundred fifty) for the examination fee of not more than 72 (seventy) hours.

First SMS: Enter NTRCA <space> User ID and send to 16222
Second SMS: NTRCA <space> Yes <Space> PIN and send to 16222

B. Please note that online submission and submitting all the part of the application will be submitted online until the examination fee is submitted the application will not be accepted in any way.

C. Only applicants from Teletalk pre-paid mobile phones will follow the following SMS method, according to their respective User ID, Serial and PIN
Can recover:
If you know the User ID: NTRCA <Space> Help <Space> User <Space> User ID & send to

Example: NTRCA Help User ABCDEF & send to 16222

If you know PIN number: NTRCA <Space> Help <Space> PIN <Space> PIN Number & send to 16222 ..
Example: NTRCA Help PIN 12345678 & send to 16222.

Appeared candidate:

A. Examples of educational qualifications (Appeared) No candidate application will be accepted.
B. The newly passed candidate’s certificates issued by the Head of the concerned educational institution, the table of sheets, Letter and Admit Card should Save for display in viva tests.

Admit Card:

A. Receipt of the Admission Letter will be made available to the candidate’s assigned to the mobile number at the right time via SMS. After receipt of SMS, the candidate has his address book Can be downloaded from http://ntrca.teletalk.com.bd website.

B. Admission to the Preliminary Test: According to paragraph 5 of the paragraph, the submission of the fee prescribed by Teletalk Bangladesh Ltd. User ID and Password will be sent to the candidate’s mobile number. Using the User ID and Password SentThe candidate can download his preliminary test entrance on time.

C .. Admission to written examination: After the results of the candidates who passed the preliminary test, the admission forms for the candidates who have passed
http://ntrca.teletalk.com.bd will be uploaded to the website. The candidates who have passed are given in advance before receiving the SMS You can download written test leaflet using the User ID and Password.

D Candidates who passed the written test will be notified in time due to the time and place of oral examination.

E. Candidates who have passed written exams will preserve the admission forms of admission in the preliminary test and written examination forms and oral examination and registration.


A. Candidate must declare the declaration of online application form in the same way that all information provided by the application is correct and true. Given information
If false or false are proved or if there is no unnecessity or if any candidate is found guilty or if any candidate is knowingly giving false or false information or tapping or making tangible information or submitting any fake certificate or certificates of age and educational qualification If any part or entry is changed or changed, or if the exam is going to be taken by Babi If the use of phone or any type of electronic device, and if it is taken ill by misusing or misbehaving with the technology, then he will be punished for any further examination conducted by the NTRCA with the examination, and the ability to take criminal activity against him. The authority reserves.

B. If any challan mentioned in section 8-A is found, the certificate will be withdrawn after canceling the registration of the concerned candidate, and if he receives a private education institution, that leave will be considered canceled and Nayaga
Financial benefits received due to profit will be returned and criminal activity should be taken against them.

C. In the context of the declaration given by the candidate, the admission will be provided considering the temporary delay for the preliminary test.

Preliminary Test:

A. Preliminary Test Schedule:
Possible Month of Preliminary Test April 2019 The exact date, time and place of the Preliminary Test is done by SMS in time Will be notified. All of the issues related to the examination will be informed in due course.

B. Candidates have to participate in the Multiple Choice Question (MCQ) Type Preliminary Test of 100 (one hundred) number. The full time of the exam is 1 (one) hour. Optical Mark Readable Litho Code Answers OMR Machine on Computer Will be evaluated through.

C. There will be 100 (100) questions in this test. Candidates will get 1 (one) number for each correct answer, but each wrong answer is answered incorrectly
Number 0.50 (decimal number five) will be cut from the number obtained.

D Candidates’ competency in participating in the Preliminary Test and the determination of success in the Preliminary Test is given by NTRCA the decision is considered to be final.

E. Pass number 40% in the preliminary test.

For getting more information to follow the circular bellow.

Teacher registration

Teacher Registration

Teacher Registration

Teacher Registration

Teacher Registration

Teacher Registration

Teacher Registration

Teacher Registration

Teacher Registration

Teacher Registration

Teacher Registration

Teacher Registration Teacher Registration

To download the pdf file click here: Download

Receiving Syllabus:

A. Preliminary Test and Written Test Subject Syllabus on NTRCA’s http://ntrca.teletalk.com.bd website Can be found.

B. Candidates of all posts will participate in the examination of the syllabus given by the NTTRA on the subject of their choice. The integrity of test answer sheet: All answer papers of MCQ answer papers and written exams of the preliminary test will be treated as grappling documents and in any case, no candidate or His or her representative will not be shown or paid. No application for review or revision of any answer sheet of preliminary test and written test will be accepted. No application will be accepted as it is not in the rules to review or review the results of any teacher registration test.

Examination Centers:

A. Candidates will have to take exams after appearing in the examination center mentioned in the entrance. No application for change of center will be accepted.

B. Preliminary Test Centers: 20 (twenty) district towns of the country namely:

Dinajpur, Rangpur, Bogra, Rajshahi, Pabna, Kushtia, Jessore, Khulna, Jamalpur,
15 teachers register in Mymensingh, Tangail, Dhaka, Faridpur, Comilla, Nayakhali, Chittagong, Barisal, Patuakhali, Sylhet, and Rangamati the examination will be held in 2016.

C. Written Examination Center: The candidates who passed the Preliminary Test are divided into eight (eight) district towns of Rangpur, Rajshahi, Khulna, Dhaka,
The written test will be held in Chittagong, Barisal, Sylhet and Mymensingh.

D Participate in the candidate’s preliminary test at the examination center filled by candidates in the online application.

E. Candidates who have passed the Preliminary Test will participate in the written examination at the center of their Preliminary Test Center in the center of the narrative.


a. Candidates who have passed the previous examination in the previous year will be eligible to participate in the 15th Teacher Regulation Examination, 2018.

B. Mpo According to the Policy-2014, maximum age limit for the post of teacher in private education institute is 35 (thirty five) years.

C. Candidates can not put any cover on the ear during the examination. Keep your ears down.

D During the examination, candidates will not use anything in jewelry or jewelry.

E. At the time of the examination, credit card, the debit card cannot be carved as anything.

F. In case of successful completion of the written examination, the candidates will be given a valid certificate / certificate for oral examination in the online application form.
To participate in front of the participating bard. If a candidate fails to submit the appropriate certificate/certificate in front of the bidders as per the information and educational qualification is given in the online application form, or if there is no validity for the position or incorrect in the application form.

If the information is provided or if there is any inaccuracy or a substantive error, its candidacy at any stage will be considered invalid. G, if any candidate gives false/ different/incorrect information, then at any stage, his overall candidacy will be canceled and he accepted by the NTRCA, it will be considered as unnecessary for all the posts in the examination and taking legal action against the candidate
Can be done.

J. If a candidate is not a citizen of Bangladesh or born in a marriage with a person who is not a citizen of Bangladesh
If he is committed to get married or convicted by a criminal court, he is sentenced to moral turpitude or a government or autonomous institution or a non-government educational institution or local authority is dismissed from the job, and after two years of such dismissal, he has not been able to apply. Do not be considered fair.

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